What if we said “Yolo” in a completely different way? what would that look like?

YOLO Bruh!!
A better kind of YOLO

Here's the thing. When you hear someone say “YOLO” it typically means they're using it as an excuse for behavior that doesn't have any good outcomes. What if we changed the way we think?

This may not exactly apply to you personally, but I could almost guarantee that you know someone who it does apply to.

We as a society have started living like we have a second chance at life. News flash… WE DON'T! We need to stop putting things off for “another” day. Here's a harsh reminder, people die! Live like you don't have eternity to live with your friends and family, because you don't.

In your professional and personal life I believe you can make a difference in someone's life. Reach out to someone, tell somebody who's close to you that you love them. Let's stop acting like this life is a pre-game and start behaving like it's the all-star game. Every play counts.

We have this one life to make a positive impact and leave this world better than we found. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, am I really doing something that makes a difference in someone's world?

If your answer is “no” to that questions then it's time to start thinking about making a change for the better.

Check out this video about the True Yolo of Life


Life's true YOLO


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