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Hey what's up guys! I'm going to share with you exactly how I create and edit my YouTube videos. Ok, so I've actively putting videos on YouTube for about a year now. I do have videos that date back a year and a half ago, but that was just kind of throwing a video up there for the fun of it. I'm now and entrepreneur who leverages the power of YouTube to market my business and it's been quite a wild ride. Video is the most powerful tool you can use in your marketing and that's why I started out using video marketing. If you want to learn how to grow on YouTube, generate leads and make money, be sure to check THIS FREE TRAINING out. I know you'll learn something from it. Alright that's enough of that, let's get into how I create my YouTube videos and what software I use to edit them.


Be sure to watch this video I made on how I create and edit my YouTube Videos


I use a software called Screenflow. It's an app that can be located in the apple app store and it's quite amazing. It was originally created for recording your screen, which is called screencasting, but now goes much farther than that. It's a software that is great for beginners to edit their videos. I actually use this software over I-movie 90% of the time.

Even though this software is great for beginners, don't be fooled, it has advanced features for experienced video editors. One feature I love that this software has is the ability to manipulate text very easily, which I found I-movie does not do very well.

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