How to become an entrepreneur. Nathan D LucasIt’s no secret… people want a change! People are tired, their frustrated and fed up. But more than anything they’re hungry!

In 2015 0.31% of adults started a new business every single month.

That’s 530,000 new business owners every month or 6,360,000 new business owners in one year alone

But why are so many people striving for change?

Why do so many people believe there’s more out there for them?

Why are people hustling harder NOW more than ever before?

And the answer lies in one word…


The 21st century has opened the floodgates of entrepreneurship.

There is more opportunity NOW more than EVER for the ones who are willing to seize it.

But Why?

Because people have seen the proof.

They’ve seen a friend, a coworker, a neighbor, maybe even a family member.

People are seeing ordinary people create extraordinary lives by making one decision

And that decision… Is to become an


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