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Who is Nathan Lucas?


I first started in the network marketing industry when I was still in High School. The company I joined sold air purifiers as their product. At the time, I knew nothing of the home based business industry. All I knew was that I was being told I could make a good amount of money selling these things and helping other people do the same. I was in!

Nathan LucasI set up my display at the tire shop I worked at and started telling people about the business. A really weird thing happened… NOBODY wanted to join! So I quit…

Later that year I researched the network marketing industry and found another company to join, only this time, I wanted to see if I could apply some internet marketing.

I posted a couple of videos on YouTube and after of couple of weeks, sure enough… I got a sign-up!

I didn't realize at the time that If I had continued to leverage social media for my business, I would've become a 6-Figure earner early on.

If I could go back and do it again… I would have started using the internet to market my business from the start

– Nathan D. Lucas

But that's okay. It was a learning experience and has allowed to grow.

After those two weeks and getting a sign-up or two, I thought to myself that it wasn't working, so I quit. I ended up leaving network marketing for many years not knowing if I'd go back. I also had the entrepreneur blood running through my veins…

Nathan LucasSo, in 2014 one of my friends introduced me to another network marketing company. I didn't even have to think about it, I was all in.

I struggled for a while to grow my business and it was very frustrating because I had a burning desire to release my true potential. I had a passion to help people live a better life and what I was doing wasn't working.

I decided I wasn't going to quit this time, I would find a way. So I put my shoes on and walked out the door…

I went to the nearest mall and prospected people their. I was hungry… I wanted it! Funny thing… people looked at me weird, and I even got laughed at…

I thought to myself their had to be a better way, so it was back to the drawing board…

After some deep thinking I came up with an answer…. I would become an UBER DRIVER!! This would allow me to prospect tons of people, and they would have no place to go because they would be in MY car… GENIUS!!! lol

So that's exactly what I did early summer of 2015. I had to go get my car inspected so it was “UBER” friendly and I started driving people around telling them about my business.

Man, I was proud of myself! But still… NOBODY took me serious or wanted to join. They just wanted to get from point A to point B, and a lot of the time people were intoxicated. lol

This was NOT how I was going to build a real business!

So once again, I did some research online and found a trend among top earners and other people who were having success…

They were branding themselves online instead of branding their company…

That's when I learned Attraction Marketing and came across this training platform. It was a total game changer in my business! I learned how to generate my own leads online, build my own brand and attract prospects who were interested in what I had to offer.

IMG_4711The best part about learning this step-by-step process was that after some determination and taking action, my business started to work even when I wasn't. This didn't become real to me until my wife and I went on vacation to Mexico where I had turned off my phone for the entire trip, and when I got back, my phone had blown up with leads for my business.

Don't be like me when I say…

If knew when I started my business in High School what I know now, things would have been much different

I want to invite you to take advantage of this FREE training I put together for you that explains the step-by-step process I use that transformed my business.

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